HotPDF Canvas Draw

This HotPDF Component Sample draw plots with Delphi TCanvas.

HotPDF Table To PDF

HotPDF Component Database Table To PDF sample

HotPDF Chart Sample

This HotPDF Component example show charts in PDF document using TeeChart.

HotPDF Barcode Sample

This HotPDF Component example generates barcode within PDF for 22 popular types.

HotPDF Hyperlink Sample

This HotPDF Component Sample adds clickable hyperlinks into PDF document.

HotPDF Text Annotation

This HotPDF Component sample adds a text annotation at the specified location of the PDF document.

HotPDF Vertical Text Sample

This example demonstrates how the HotPDF component generates Unicode vertical text.

HotPDF Text Out Sample

HotPDF component text out sample generates font and character set demonstration, as shown in the image above.

HotPDF Hello World Sample

Hello world from Delphi HotPDF Component!