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DigiSigner – Electronic Signature Service for Your Business

DigiSigner is a FREE service that allows you to upload a document, add a signature, and download the updated document electronically, you can use it to signature PDF, Word, Excel Spreadsheet, or Jpeg images.

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How It Works


Choose a document and upload it over a secure connection to our server.


Sign your document using your mouse, typing text, or inserting a signature image.


Invite other people to sign and receive a notification when they are finished.

Legally Binding and Secure

Legally Binding

DigiSigner is compliant with all major eSignature laws, including ESIGN, UETA, and European eIDAS. All signatures you create with DigiSigner are legally binding and are recognized in court.


We store your documents securely behind a firewall and authenticate every request for each document against the user’s session. All communication is safely protected using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.

Why Use DigiSigner

Quick & Easy

Sign your documents online in less than two minutes without getting out of your chair. You don’t need to print, scan or fax anything anymore. Use DigiSigner to sign with ease!

Invite Signers

Invite your partners, customers, and employees for document signing in just two clicks. Get their legally binding signatures in just minutes and close your deals faster.

Modern & Professional

Electronic signatures are a modern way to sign documents. Present yourself professionally and show your partners and customers that you value their time.

Sign the Way You Want

Create handwritten signatures by using your mouse, uploading your signature image, or by just typing your name. Every signature you create with DigiSigner is legally binding.

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